Jack Bartfield founded J. N. Bartfield in 1937, when he began trading in books and paintings. In the ensuing years, he eventually developed one of the largest stocks of important colorplate books and fine bindings in New York. Mr. Bartfield was a truly broad bibliophile, stocking fine press books, important Americana, and better books in all fields. In 1985, Michael Frost, co-owner and nephew of Jack Bartfield, moved the firm across the street to larger, more elegant quarters. Beyond the sets and fine bindings that line Bartfield's shelves, trading continues in rare books of every description.

Kevin Kelly, director of the book department, with a particular interest in World literature (but emphasizing American and English), Voyages and Exploration, and early Americana, is especially apt at helping clients develop collections at every level. While particularly keen on the above-mentioned fields, new challenges are also welcome with enthusiasm.

George Murray, who has been with Bartfield's for over fifty years, has extensive knowledge of the field.

Jim Balestrieri specializes in sporting items both in the art and book departments. Elizabeth Marrella and Manny Garcia are familiar with our stock and can help clients visiting the shop.

Whether you are an experienced collector seeking to round out an area of interest, or just interested in knowing more about book collecting, we invite you to visit or inquire. We will be pleased to assist you with any service, from finding a book in our stock or elsewhere, to issuing personalized lists developed around your interests, or advising and bidding at auction.

If you would like to de-accession a single volume or an entire library, we will offer discreet and candid advice to ensure that you get the most out of your investment or cherished family heirloom.

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